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In the heart of England's Jurassic Coastline lies the beautiful borough of Weymouth & Portland. Although famed for it's miles of beaches fit for a king, it has much more to offer, from shopping and partying to history and relaxing...

Central Beach
Weymouth's most popular beach is located about a minute from the town centre. It's the location for many of he town's major events. In the summer evenings it's the home of live music and an ideal place to watch fireworks that light the sky over Weymouth bay

Bowleaze Cove
At the end of the long beach is Bowleaze Cove. If you are into watersports, this is the place to be. Many organised watersports events happen here for experts and beginners. Surrounding the beach is amusements, restaurants and specialist shops.

Lodmoor Beach
Half way between Bowleaze and the town is Lodmoor Beach. Mainly made of pebbles, this beach is more relaxed and offers a quieter environment. This has to be the best beach for working on your sun tan.

Sandsfoot Beach
Located next to Portland Harbour in one of the most tranquil areas of Weymouth. Famous for it's castle ruins and gardens with many of the locals, it isn't often visited by tourists. A must for people that want to get away from it all.

Chesil Beach
One of the most spectacular features of our jurassic coastline, it's a massive bank of pebbles that joins Portland to Weymouth. The beach stretches all the way from it's sandy beginnings at Lyme Regis to the large pebbles found at Portland. It's an amazing place to watch the sunset, go fishing or watch the waves crash in on a stormy day.

The Fleet
A natural lagoon of fresh water trapped between Chesil beach and Weymouth bringing a rich diversity of plant and animal life. Another great place to get away from it all.

Jurassic Coast
The coast of Dorset & East Devon is now officially listed as a natural World Heritage Site. It's the only one in England. It's recieved this status because of it's spectacular beauty and outstanding geology that offers a near complete record of 185 million years of the Earth's history.


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"My fondest memory as a child was playing on Weymouth beach, thats why I bring my children here now"


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