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Privacy Policy
1. Information we collect
There are several methods of data collection through this site. These are detailed below:
1a. A simple hitcounter script is used on the homepage, that also records information about browser type, screen resolution and the referring site. This kind of script is common on most web sites, as it helps webmasters target their audience successfully. This is provided by Statcounter, you can see their web site at www.statcounter.com
None of this information is personally identifiable to you, and we have no way of contacting you if you simply visit our web site.
1b. There are several forms on the site. These are used to provide feedback and to add comments to the site. No personally identifiable will be stored, and none will be published onto the internet unless you specifically request this. This service is currently provided by Bravehost, as it is provided to us for free.

2. Use of your comments
If you submit a comment to our site about one of the attractions in the area, and you mark it to be used on the site, all that will be available to visitors of the site will be your name. Please feel free to use a fake name if you want to remain private.

1. Use of the site
Although we try to make this site as accurate as possible, we can not be held responsible for any error or omissions. We advise you check with the relevent attraction etc before coming to the area.

Any web links are there for your convenience, and should not be taken as endorsements. We have no control over the sites that are linked to, and therefore you should use them at your own risk.

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